A Field With Trees


A Field With Trees

This was taken on Mother's Day in Plainfield, Illinois at my mom's house. This is the field behind her backyard. Behind the trees lies a river that her two dogs, Cooper and Indy, love to swim in and get really muddy. There's a lot hidden in those trees. Hawks, owl, deer, poison ivy, dogs, fire pits and long ago days hiding in the trees when we weren't so old. I even spotted a giant eagle in the sky that day. An angry (and much smaller) hawk was chasing it through the open skies. Beautiful.

Austin SXSW - Part II - Day One

Part II of my images from Austin, TX are finally here. It was a beautiful day so we got to enjoy the spring weather as we explored Austin. We had brunch at the Eastside Cafe, which was really wonderful. You can see a couple shots of our food below. Afterwards, we just wandered around downtown and explored. We wound up at the French Ligation Museum (quite possibly my favorite venue in Austin to relax and listen to music) where we heard The XX. Unfortunately, we were pretty far back in the crowd, just at the back of the tent. But they sounded great and we all enjoyed hearing them immensely. Enjoy the pictures and there will be more to come tomorrow. I will be posting a lot of the outtake images that aren't quite so wonderful on my Facebook Page, so keep your eyes peeled there for more.


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