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I was setting up this shot before the man was there. I had it perfectly composed and he just came barreling around the corner, basket on his arm, on a mission. Where was he going? The basket is empty. Going to buy some fruit or bread perhaps? Or maybe he dropped something off somewhere. He was unexpected, as are most things when one is overseas.

France, 2005.

Brittiney on the Rock

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Another day, another photo of Brittiney. This one was taken was taken a super long time ago during a trip to the Morton Arboretum during a stormy, overcast day. It rained, there was wind, the world was wet and we explored all day long. The strange weather that day led to some cool photographs, this being my favorite. Maybe I'll share another one someday.

Spring, 2003. (I think.)

Brittiney in a Field

Brittiney and the Lake blog res fix

Apparently, it's creepy that I post so many pictures of my lovely girlfriend Alison (she is my muse after all). So instead, I give you another muse of mine, Brittiney. This photo is pretty old and taken with a Holga I believe. It's from approximately from the spring of 2007. I hope you like and realize I take pictures of other people besides just Alison. :)

Last edit: May 5, 2007.

Alison's Necklace

Necklace 003 lres

This nice, soft portrait was taken in 2005 for my Fashion class at Columbia College. I love the soft feeling of it, but there's not a whole lot that's going on to keep my interest. At least the necklace is in focus. I got that one right. There's something about the feeling of this photograph that reminds me of Robert Frank's, "Elevator - Miami Beach, 1955" from The Americans. Robert Frank is incredible. If you haven't check out his work, do it now!

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