Chicago Skyline from Olive Park

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This photo was taken on my iPhone and edited on my iPad in Snapseed (which is currently on sale for free in the App Store). It was shot from Olive Park just north of Navy Pier. Did you know Olive Park is named after Pfc. Milton L. Olive, III, the first African American to receive the Medal of Honor during the Vietnam War? According to Wikipedia: "At the age of 18, Olive sacrificed his life to save others by smothering a live grenade." Terrifying.

A Field With Trees


A Field With Trees

This was taken on Mother's Day in Plainfield, Illinois at my mom's house. This is the field behind her backyard. Behind the trees lies a river that her two dogs, Cooper and Indy, love to swim in and get really muddy. There's a lot hidden in those trees. Hawks, owl, deer, poison ivy, dogs, fire pits and long ago days hiding in the trees when we weren't so old. I even spotted a giant eagle in the sky that day. An angry (and much smaller) hawk was chasing it through the open skies. Beautiful.