I'm In A Photo In Today's RedEye!

IMG 8346

Here's a photo in today's issue of the RedEye in the Metromix section on page 17. There I am in the background. In the foreground my friend Barbara is dancing with her friend. I think this photo is about three years old. We went to EvilOlive for Barbara's birthday. Not exactly the best photo editing on the RedEye's part, but it's pretty funny seeing yourself in print like this.

A Fallen Tree

A woman stands in front of her totalled vehicle.

On Sheffield Avenue, in Lincoln Park, a tree fell today. It destroyed someone's car. After talking to the woman for a minute, she told me how unlucky she had been. She has her own garage where the vehicle is usually parked. However, today her bathroom remodelers needed to use the garage for their work and so she decided to park in the street. She chose this spot. Then the tree fell. Imagine deciding to park in one place and then, that decision, which usually requires no thought to make, ends up becoming the vehicle's doom. Such a sad chaotic happening for this sweet, unlucky lady. I'm sure her insurance will take care of it. Let's hope there's no "acts of god" clause.

A Chicago police car stands guard on Sheffield Avenue.

The fallen trees mercilessly crushed a parked SUV.

A woman calls for help after inspecting her damaged vehicle.

Zoom In Online's Spotlight On: Me!

Thanks to my Google Alerts, today it was brought to my attention that Zoom In Online featured me in their "Spotlight On" feature on their blog. You can read the whole article here.

My favorite part:
"...his galleries show that he has a flair for capturing people in their natural states."

Thanks go to ZIO Editorial Assistant Sara Felsenstein & Sophia Betz for focusing their audience's attention on me!

New Link to Galleries

Heads up!

If you look above this post you'll notice something new on the right of the header.

That's right! A direct link to all my galleries. Now you have one click access to any public event I've photographed in 2009. You can also search the gallery to find keywords such as "nightlife," "portrait," or even search by location.


U.S. Airways Flight 1549 Crash

In an amazing display of citizen journalism, Janis Krums managed to snap this picture with his iPhone while his ferry was on it's way to help rescue passengers of U.S. Airways Flight 1549 after it had crashed in the Hudson River. I have reposted the image here because his original post on TwitPic was unavailable due to the high demand on their servers.

Twitter has been exploding with eye witness accounts of the crash. Apparently after take-off, the plane flew through a flock of geese, which destroyed both engines (a rather unprecedented accident). The pilot was attempting to turn the plane back to the airport but couldn't maintain altitude. Managing an excellent landing in the icy waters, the pilot was able to avoid a much more devastating accident.

It appears now as if all passengers have been rescued. Luckily nobody was seriously injured.

This photo captures the power of citizen journalism and the power of Twitter. Being able to spread this important event in an instantaneous way that doesn't rely on the location of the networks anchors and reporters works wonders for spreading new quickly. I hope more people buy iPhones and subscribe to Twitter. The world will be a more informed place.

Update: Here is a video clip of Janis Krums being interviewed on TV only 30 minutes after the photo above was taken.

Twitter User On MSNBC from AlleyInsider on Vimeo.