A Fallen Tree

A woman stands in front of her totalled vehicle.

On Sheffield Avenue, in Lincoln Park, a tree fell today. It destroyed someone's car. After talking to the woman for a minute, she told me how unlucky she had been. She has her own garage where the vehicle is usually parked. However, today her bathroom remodelers needed to use the garage for their work and so she decided to park in the street. She chose this spot. Then the tree fell. Imagine deciding to park in one place and then, that decision, which usually requires no thought to make, ends up becoming the vehicle's doom. Such a sad chaotic happening for this sweet, unlucky lady. I'm sure her insurance will take care of it. Let's hope there's no "acts of god" clause.

A Chicago police car stands guard on Sheffield Avenue.

The fallen trees mercilessly crushed a parked SUV.

A woman calls for help after inspecting her damaged vehicle.