Bill Murray

Bill Murray in Austin, TX for SXSW

Meeting Bill Murray was the coolest celebrity encounter I've ever had. While in Austin, TX for South By Southwest, some friends and I drove our van to the Lady Bird Lake Trail bridge because we heard there were some live bands playing. We saw My Pet Saddle play there and they were so good live. The cops came and tried to break things up and told My Pet Saddle that if they played again, they'd give them all tickets. Presently they walked away and that's when another band started playing. I unfortunately don't remember their name but they were good too. Around this time, we started hearing murmurings that Bill Murray was in attendance and hanging out nearby. Hearing that he had walked away down the south end of the bridge my friend bolted after him. He ended up hunting Mr. Murray down in a bathroom stall in a Mexican restaurant. According to my friend Josh, who asked, "How are the acoustics in there?" Mr. Murray immediately began singing as a reply. Some old show-tune type of song. Josh came running back up the bridge to tell us his story. After a while we thought he had left for good, but soon enough I spotted him again. That's when I took this picture.

Bill F'ing Murray

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