iPhone 4

Meathook Galaxy iPhone 4 and iPad Space Wallpaper

Here is my second wallpaper using some of NASA's imagery. The last of the three will come late this evening. This one is based on an image of the Meathook Galaxy found on the Hubble Space Telescope's website. You'll find a 25.2 MB version on their site to download as well. Again, the detail in the photograph is stunning. Enjoy.  

iPhone 4 (click image for full resolution to use as wallpaper):

Click below for the iPad version.

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Tarantula Nebula iPhone 4 and iPad Space Wallpaper

I've made a few space wallpapers using some of NASA's imagery. I will be posting them over the next day or so. Here's the first one below based on the image found on the Hubble website

iPhone 4 (click image for full resolution to use as wallpaper):

Click below for the iPad version.
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Lula and Rupert in the bathroom - iMovie for iPhone 4

Doing some more testing of the capabilities of iMovie on the iPhone 4. This is the Modern Theme with the built in Theme Music. It's pretty nifty, but one major complaint is that it seems impossible to insert a title card in the introduction. You can only put text on top of video clips and that text stays there for the entire length of the clip. Despite this limitation, it's still pretty darn impressive how much you can do on this little app and I can only imagine where Apple will be taking it in the future. 

Oh and if you're reading this and have an iPhone 4, don't hesitate to purchase iMovie ($4.99) immediately. You can have a lot of fun with it.

Apple iPhone 4 Release Day in Chicago

You all know I'm a big geek and so it should be no surprise to learn that I waited overnight at the Michigan Ave. Apple Store in downtown Chicago with lots of other geeks in order to acquire the iPhone 4 before anyone else. 

I arrived at about 12:30 AM on the 24th and by the time I arrived, the line was already to Huron St. and St. Clair St. So that's where I set up my position. Everyone around me was very friendly and some kids next to me watched Avatar on their MacBook Pro. 

Watching Avatar on a 13" MacBook Pro

Waiting patiently for the iPhone 4.After getting settled in and discovering my newfound pigeon friend sleeping behind my chair in the corner next to his empty case of Corona, I decided to check out the rest of the line. I also shot a video of the whole line from the first position to where I was and I will post that in a separate blog post later, once the video has finished processing (darn my iMac from '06).

Mr. Pigeon sleeping in the corner behind me. Perhaps he's waiting for his iPhone 4 as well.Here's a couple pictures of the line on Huron St. and St. Clair. The first image is the line ahead of me. The second image is the line after me taken at about 3 AM I think.

Looking west at the iPhone 4 line on Huron St.

Looking south at the iPhone 4 line on St. Clair St.They split up the line into two lines at about 6 AM, one for the folks lucky enough to reserve an iPhone 4 and one for the unlucky. I finally managed to get in the store at 9:30 AM and was out by 9:45 AM. It was definitely a smooth process with no hang ups that I noticed. After an hour the iPhone 4 connected to AT&T's servers and I was all connected and ready to go. 

Within a few days I'll be posting more interesting goodies and thoughts from and about my brand new iPhone 4. For now I'll just say that it's the most impressive piece of technology I've ever had the pleasure of holding in my hands.