A Stranger

A Stranger  Final blog

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I was setting up this shot before the man was there. I had it perfectly composed and he just came barreling around the corner, basket on his arm, on a mission. Where was he going? The basket is empty. Going to buy some fruit or bread perhaps? Or maybe he dropped something off somewhere. He was unexpected, as are most things when one is overseas.

France, 2005.

The Tombs

The Tombs  Final blog

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I can almost hear the centuries passing when I look at this image. Death has been here a while.

This was one image of three that I hung at the senior photography show when I graduated from Columbia College. They were very big 3'x3' prints. Maybe even 4'. I can't remember. They're hanging on the wall in my mom's pool room at her house. The look great large. Stay posted for the other two.

France, 2005.