Picture Per Day

A Picture Per Day - The Best Picture of Binyamina Ever!

A new picture for the day. This is technically for Saturday, but it's being posted at 3:05 am on Sunday. So perhaps we'll see another picture of the day within the next 24 hours. I know what you're thinking: "I wish! I'd love to see more picture from Dane Deasy. He's the best photographer ever!" My fans, please, take time, breathe, it'll be alright. I promise to upload more very soon. In fact, I think there will be much, much more content in the form of photographer coming very soon. So please, be patient. And be peaceful.

A Picture Per Day - Trump Tower Construction

While driving with Alison to head down to the Apple Store on Michigan Ave., we were lucky enough to see this helicopter positioning the antennae for installation on top of the Trump Tower.

It wasn't a windy day really, so I guess they probably had an easy time of it, but a part of me was feeling queezy. At any second it could all come toppling down! That is what led me to crop the photo this way. Such extreme angles lend a sense of unbalance to the image. Let me know what you think. How could this image be improved?

A Picture Per Day

I'm going to start uploading a picture per day. I hope it's a series that will help draw some more visitors to my site, as well as keep you all coming back for more.

These first two are from France. Taken on my two-week trip with Peter LeGrand's class in the South of France. It was a beautiful time and these are two of my favorite texture details from that trip. Let me know what you think.