Did you know? The world is flattening faster than we can imagine...

The world around us is accelerating at alarming rates. The information in the world is exploding. The connectedness is pervading everything. Life is moving fast. Faster. Faster still. I don't see things slowing down (barring some global catastrophe). What does this mean for our future? Where will be next year? In 2 years? In 10 years?

Being a photographer is interesting because I am tied to technology. I see myself relating to these increases in technology very closely. I can only imagine where my field will be technically in a few years. I want GPS in all my cameras. I want facial recognition technology (ala iPhoto '09) in every piece of software (offline and online). I want full video capabilities in every device (including my stinking iPhone; are you listening Apple?). I want to be connected everywhere I go.

If there is one video you watch this week, make this it. Spend some time thinking about the consequences. The things that might pop in your head will be spectacular. Enjoy and be bewildered.